Monday, January 4, 2010

26, 26 and 28mls

Since Christmas I've tiped out 26, 26 and 28mls from the rain gauge. I have powdery mildew on everything it can possibly grow on and then some. When it does fine up enough to work in the garden again I'll nearly have to start from scratch. But lovin the rain.

It's supposed to fine up this week so all the squash and zucchinis at the community garden will have to be pulled out. I have to see if I can rescue the rock melons and cucumbers. The rest of the potatoes will have to be dug up as well. I'll probably put in a quick summer green manure crop where they were and use the space for onions and brassicas. It looks like a rat or something is eating the corn before it is anywhere near ripe so it looks like I'll have to spring for some fine chicken wire and surround the corn with it and see if I can keep whatever it is out that way. Does it ever end? I suppose if it's good enough for something else to eat my food I must be doing something right.

And if I can ever remember to but the bloody lid back on the chook food when I finished feeding them I'll be a lot happier with myself too!
I hate it when you got no one to blame but yourself.

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greenfumb said...

Not sure of the concentrations but spraying the leaves of curcurbits with a milk and water solution can help with the mildew. Try googling it.

I left my lid off too and the bloody slugs had a meal - no wonder they're so big.

Stewart said...

Hi greenfumb, it's 1 milk to 5 water but its been constantly either showering, raining, foggy, overcast or drizzling. Just haven't had a fine day where I could spray. I'm hoping Wednesday will be fine enough though. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I too have had alot of the garden struck with powdery mildew. I am planning to cut off the worst of the leaves and spray the rest with milk and water.

But isn't the weather great for a bumper harvest! Emily

Stewart said...

Hi Emily, the weather's been fantastic. It is certainly setting up the new year for better things. Already thinking about winter planting.