Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mt, Tabletop

Its been two weeks now since I walked/climbed/scrambled Mt. Tabletop after a month or so of training walks for my fitness.

Unfortunately I was still a fair bit underdone and found the walk/scramble very tough and exhausting. Recovery for me has taken a full two weeks with a flare up of my colitis thrown it too boot (I'm finding anytime I exert myself it causes me problems with my colitis).

A few videos from my moby phone show the view from the top of Mt. Tabletop.


This one is looking back down to the camel hump that you need to cross to get to Tabletop itself.

While I found it tough and exhausting I have been self inspired to continue on my path of walking and exploring with a ever increasing list of walks I'd like to do.

One thing I have been thinking of doing is to go to the highest (Mt Kosciusko), lowest (lake
Eyre 15m below sea level), most easterly (Byron Bay, NSW), westerly (Steep Point, WA), northerly (Cape York, Qld) and southerly, mainland (Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse, Victoria) southerly ( South East Cape, Tas) parts of Australia.

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