Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New shoes

My feet have been killing me in the old joggers I have been using for walking in and making the whole experience horribly unenjoyable. I suspect they are half a size to small and have been pushing my big toe back into my foot and causing heaps big pain.

So with what money I had managed to save up I went shoe hunting and after much research and consultation I came up with these.

They are from Hi Tec and are basically a heavy duty sand shoe great for day walks. As I become more accomplished as a walker/hiker I'll need to up grade to a sturdier boot but for now these will do me fine.

So far I have found them very light and comfortable (hardly know I've got them on). In just the few short walks I have done since I bought them my feet are very happy with my choice so far.

The chorus in this song says it all ;-)

Cheers and until next time,



Rolley said...

Hey Stewart! hows the shoes going now? Still great?
Mine are still going good, however...... I have the unfortunate problem of ... two different sized feet.

Yep. My right foot is at least 5mms longer than my left foot, weird ay. Stupid feet. Anyway, my right foot hurts after a while just like your old shoes did, pushing the toe back really throws the foot out I think.

I'm wondering if I should take them to a leatherworker or something, idunno, and get the right shoe stretched inside just a tiny bit, do you think that'd be possible? Probably not I suppose, the sole isn't gonna stretch.

Dunno what to do hey, I wonder if any shops will let me buy a different size for each foot next time I buy shoes HAHA!

Stewart said...

Hi Rolley, Shoes are great and I have covered some miles in them now. Just like slippers.

Bugger about your foot problem. The only thing I can think of is to fit the boots to the bigger foot and pad out the smaller foot. But may be a shoe bloke might have better ideas.