Friday, August 6, 2010

6, 7 or 8 tips on planting Rhubarb

Here's a little video on me planting Rhubarb 'Ever Red'.

  1. I started with a previously used bed. Cleaned out a few old plants and loosened up the soil with a fork.
  2. I then added about 10l of compost and forked that through. Cleaned out a few twigs
  3. Then I simply scratched a hole big enough to accommodate the Rhubarb division I'd purchased from Green Harvest
  4. Back fill and lightly firm down the soil. You don't want to go too deep or shallow here. You just want the top of the division covered so as when you water it in the soil is washed away so as to just expose the top of the division.
  5. Watering. This is the most important part. I like to really soak the ground to saturation and then not water for another week. I also add a fish emulsion and seaweed extract to the water as well.
  6. Mulch, but not too thick, just enough to help stop the top soil from drying out to quickly.
  7. Cross your fingers and hope it takes a liking to it's new surroundings.
House Keeping

Long term readers here at 'My Veggie Garden' will know that about this time last year I planted some 'Sydney Crimson' rhubarb. I'm sad to say it failed miserably.
Why? My guess is I planted it in a very sunny, hot and dryish part of the garden. While it did grow it was always wilted and no matter how much I mulched and watered it, it never thrived, until it finally succumbed to our summer heat.
This new planting of 'ever red' is in a more protected part of the garden with some afternoon shade so hopefully I'll have a better outcome this time around.

Cheers and happy gardening



Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Stewart, I have two rhubarb plants which are in pots, one was originally in a garden bed but never seemed to thrive (although it survived 2 summers), since I put it in a pot it has really taken off. I'm interested to see how they will go this summer, my plan is to let them have morning sun and then shade in the afternoon.

Stewart said...

Yes, I'm hopeing the afternoon shade helps here.
Good luck with yours.

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