Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My 2:33mins of fame

I posted a throw away line on the ABC Southern Queensland face book page when the recent Federal election was announced. The line was about wanting a time machine to get me to the 22nd of August because living in a safe National seat I felt the whole election thing was/is a waste of time for me.

Anyway Peter Gunders from ABC Southern Queensland thought it was interesting and here is the result. FWIW I like his work.

So here is folks, my 2:33mins of fame. Not keen on the close ups. FWIW I voted Greens in the hope the major parties would get the idea that green issues are important to me. And it's not just about climate change. There is the whole spectrum of environmental challenges, like sustainable development, renewable energy, not turning farm land into coal mines, the health of our river systems to name but a few.

So what do you think?



I'll be taking autographs in the foyer after the show.

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