Friday, September 10, 2010

A flower a day for September #10.

Here's number 10 for you. It's rainy and windy here today so I couldn't get out and get any fresh photos so I've had to make do with the ones I've rejected over the last few days.

White Spanish Broom, Cytisus multiflorus

A lot of these trees, shrubs and flowers are not super spectacular but each one says spring to me louder than most. A bit like your favorite relative who is always there no matter what.

Genista, Yellow Broom

No flowers here but I was taken by the bright green new growth.

Cherokee Rose rambling through our wattle tree in the front yard.
There will be more from this rose in days to come.

Anyone know this one? It is growing in the footpath at the top of my street. It looks like an escaped garden plant but growing very well as a weed and pretty too.

It should be fine tomorrow so I'll be out collecting a whole new bunch of flower photos. Until then Cheers


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Alexandra said...

Hi, Stewart! For one second I was confused: september-spring?? Then I realised you are in the south emisphere, ha,ha! Nice flowers, nice garden!! I will put you in my blogroll, right away! All the best, Alexandra