Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A flower a day for September #13.Queens Park Pt. 3. A day late.

Yes I know I missed a day. After working in the cab all day I had nothing left for the blog and I'm so desperate to finish knitting my ugly blanket (all will be explained re the name ugly) that I just couldn't summon the effort to post but here it is now. The final installment of Queens Park.

A sea of Pansies wash into a glorious display of Delphiniums.

The main entrance to Queens park

Cabbage anyone?

It is just not possible to have Spring here without the vibrant new growth from the Photinia glabra 'Rubens'.

Having said that, seventeen years ago when I came back home to Toowoomba you could probably have counted the Photinia hedges here on one hand so their popularity has been meteoric because they can be found all over the place today.

From here on down it's assorted beds of annuals which go on to make a wonderful floral display.


Olive said...

What a wonderful display, love the blue pansies and delphiniums. I think I'll have to put Toowoomba on my list of places to see.

Stewart said...

If you do make sure you get in touch and say hi.

Olive said...

You'd better believe it !!