Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A flower a day for September. #21

Ubiquitous and Spring and Jasmine go together like Lamb and Roast and Spring but I feel like I'm giving the word too much of a work out lately by using it too often. So I thought of using synonymous as in "Jasmine and Spring are synonymous with flowers in September".  Which I don't mind and I still like ubiquitous but which ever way I go Spring, September and Jasmine go  hand in hand like peas in a pod!

It doesn't matter where you go in Toowooomba at the moment you'll find this climbing jasmine every where and the scent is divine.

Ooh lucky me I get a fence a gate and Jasmine.

When do we get smellynet?

Cheers and don't forget to stop and smell the Roses and the jasmine,



Susan said...

Such a heady beautiful scent is jasmine. You live in a great neighbourhood.

Stewart said...

It's a great time of the year around here at the moment Susan.