Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brown Beauty beans

 The Brown Beauty beans I planted in October have sprouted but I've found due to the heavy rains we've had a lot of the conditioning of my soil has been leached away and I needed to replenish it. This I've done by topping up with a side dressing of bean friendly compost. 

The soil had also crusted and become water repellent so the compost will help alleviate this problem too.

Just scattered around on the top soil and forked in with a hand trowel.

And water in well.

I'll head back up later this arvo when it's a bit cooler and water again as well as laying down some straw mulch and I should have some happy beans very soon.

It should also be a good time to start prep on the next sq. mtr patch for the next lot of beans.

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