Saturday, November 27, 2010

An eggcellent little give away

Hi there, I've been having a bit of fun knitting up these egg warmers and would like to share the fun with you.

I'm going to give these away but you'll need to do a little work to get them.

What I'd like you to do is write in the comments your favorite egg word or phrase, ie;- eggcellent or eggtravagant etc, etc (sorry if I just used your favorite word).

The eggy word I like the best will be the winner, so get cracking and send me your eggy words.

Ok, don't all scramble for the comments box at once.




Deborah Halls said...

Oh. How eggciting! Can't wait to see all the eggcellent comments.

seed whisperer said...

I'm only eggcentric.. may I have my ball warmers now? It's winter here and the boyfriend's complaining.

Susan said...

Why, I'd be simply eggstatic to receive one of those eggceptionally well knitted egg beanies Stewart :)

greenfumb said...

What eggsemplary knitting skills you have shown

Out Back said...

How eggstraudinary are those little googy covers? I would be eggstra happy to win these little blighters.

Stewart said...

There all good so far, I've given myself a job I don't want by having to pick just one but then I could knit some more.. Keep them coming.

Deborah Halls said...

How eggcruciating to have to choose a winner! They're eggtremely good. You'd be egghausted if you had to knit them for eggerybody. lol

Olive said...

Stewart, you've become an eggspert knitter in such a short time. Beaut little bum nut warmers, I would be eggcited to win one.

Ali said...

Those little beanies are eggnificent!

Cathode said...

Anything to do with eggs is eggcellent news! I love eggs so much I could eggsist on eggs alone!

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Stewart said...

There all so eggstreamly eggertaining I'm knitting up two consolation egg warmers. I'll draw/choose the winner and consolatory winners late tomorrow.

Still plenty of time to get an eggtry in.

Stewart said...

The winners have been announced visit or todays post to see.