Friday, November 19, 2010

Firstly, you prepare the soil.

How to plant and grow beans the 'My Veggie Garden'  way.

Firstly, you prepare the soil.  This is a previously used patch so I'll only need to add a bit of blood and bone and a small amount of potash.   I'll side dress with compost when the beans are 3/4 weeks old so I won't add any here now.

Diggity dig dig.  Turning,  turning,  turning.

Then the fun part,  planting the seeds.

I need to break up some of the clods to bring the soil to a finer tilth, as they say. Makes it easier to plant the seeds. A couple of rows about 25mm deep,  bung in some seeds about 75 to 100mm apart cover them with some soil and away we go,  almost.  There is one more step.

Planting,  planting,  planting.  Covering,  covering,  covering.

Watering.  The most important bit.  Bean seed can go rotten in the ground if watered too much. What I like to do is give them a really good soaking once planted which usually means about three watering cans (30l) per sq mtr but in this case I was promised rain (which I got 96mls of) so I only used the one can in this case. Considering the amount of rain we received after planting I doubt I'll need to water these guys for a while now.

Watering,  watering,  watering.

There you go,  now there's no excuse for you not planting your very own home grown beans.  And I garentee you you'll never tast anything better.

For a bit of after care you can side dress with some compost and every two or three weeks add some fish emulsion and seaweed extract but only half strength as I don't think beans need much help in the growing department.  Then there's the regular, run of the mill, maintainence of weeding and good deep regular watering.

Cheers and happy bean growing.


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