Monday, November 15, 2010

It's in the bag

The ethicurean.  A longish time online blogger friend,  Kelly,  who is into bags in a big way. Check out her online bag shop.

*[eth•i•cu•re•an] : noun : also adj . Someone who seeks out tasty things that are also Sustainable, Organic, Local, and/or Ethical — SOLE food.

Soft, ethically produced cloth produce bags.
 Here is the low down from the ethicurean website.

'All the ethicurean bags (recycled organic and fair wage) are made from unbleached cottons. Bleaching not only alters the natural colour of the textile (which here at the ethicurean we love) but is also harmful to the environment. Sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide are the most common industrial textile bleaches which when expelled into the environment(ost often into waterways) oxidizes organic matter in rivers and oceans to produce chemicals called trihalomethanes, some of which are carcinogenic. They also can form dioxins – carcinogens, mutagens, and tetrogenic compounds – which the body stores in fatty tissues almost indefinitely. Bleaching also consumes large amounts of water, primarily in the rinsing process to remove the chlorines which damage the structural integrity of the fibres. Buying unbleached textiles is obviously the more environmentally responsible choice'.
 Now, right now. There's no time like the present 

 According to Kelly, a public health academic, mum of two teenage girls and a boy bean toddler. Also a keen foodie and blogger with a passion for fresh produce and respectful, ethical and mindful living. Here's what Kelly has to say.

'The momentum for ‘the ethicurean’ was born in 2008 in the beautiful eco-town of Fairfax just outside of San Francisco. I experienced a pretty basic, yet amazingly revolutionary idea of seeing fresh, local organic fruit and veg tucked up in soft, ethically produced cloth produce bags. Never having even imagined such a thing existed and not knowing what we were all missing until I saw them, this was my own ‘ lightbulb’ moment. An “Oh Wow! these make so much sense why aren’t we all using them?” epiphany. Reusable cloth produce bags were almost too obvious for words'.

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