Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little veggie garden update.

 A little veggie garden update.
After weeks of rain which included a torrential down pour causing the worst flash flooding ever seen in Toowoomba and the surrounding regions the weather has settled down enough to get some veggie gardening done.

Thursday was still too wet so it was Friday before I managed to get anything done.

 Being keen to get some lettuce and my Taxi tomato seed planted I started with a patch that I'd previously managed to get some work done on.

Because the soil was still so sodden I didn't want to be working it too much so I could avoid messing up the soil structure I've spent so much time on building up.
 Watch this space
The first photo is where I planted my lettuce seeds and the second is where the tomato seeds went in.

The silver lining from all these rain clouds is my Tumeric. I planted it as a suck it and see what happens plant thinking Toowoomba might be a bit too dry and cold and up until the rains came I was pretty right with nothing happening at all. Since the rain though it has really taken off so all going well I might get a smallish crop after all.

Sadly my tomato ha succumbed to the constant rain. This is definitely not how you want your tomato to look.

Today, this morning, I wanted to get stuck in to this bed because this is where I'll be growing my cabbage and cauliflower over Autumn and Winter so the sooner I get the weeds out the sooner I can start improving the soil and get some seeds happening.


And this is how it looks about an hour later. The soil is still sodden and in one place I dug up some potatoes and about six inches deep the water was starting to puddle in the hole I'd dug. So the weeds are out but it'll be another weed or two before I can get a fork into it.
I did stick some climbing bean seeds in on the high side of the bed hoping I can get a couple of beans before it gets too cold for them.

  Well that's about it for now. The next big attack will (fingers crossed) be on Tuesday. I've still got four smallish rows of potatoes to dig up and if we don't get rain between now and then I should be able to get them up and then I can show off the potato sacks I bought from the lost seed co.

Cheers and happy veggie gardening,


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HAZEL said...

I love the before and after videos, Stewart. I would have liked to have seen the chooks I could hear in the background. Good luck with the soil. Hope it dries up soon and you can get those all important veggies flourishing.