Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost but not least

My New Years res of and hour in the veggie garden when I'm not working in the cab is going to take some doing tomorrow after 28mls of rain overnight on Wednesday and then a further 56mls today but I'm sure I will find plenty to do. As a matter of fact I can think of several things already.
On a brighter note though. The lost seeds I ordered from the Lost Seed, seed company, finally arrived yesterday. I'm beside myself with the excitement of getting some of these seeds planted though the current rainfall is putting a dampener on things. 
Seeds included in the order were the 'Yellow Taxi', a yellow bush tomato that I've been waiting for with excruciating patience and Blue Lake climbing beans. 
Also ordered and lost but now found was a packet of Lettuce Reine Des'glaces which I assume is a French variety (confirmed here with a well written and complete description)Iceburg type lettuce.
How did Iceburg Lettuce get to be called Iceburg Lettuce, well according to Wikipedia it go something like this:- Bruce Church founder of Fresh Express, was responsible for popularizing the idea of shipping lettuce across the US continent from Salinas, California to the spots on the East coast. Using ice they carefully covered the heads of lettuce and shipped them all year round and all the way as far as Maine, as the train pulled into each stop, folks would call out excitedly, "The icebergs are coming, the icebergs are coming!" The name stuck. Before that people had to depend on what you could grow locally and preserve from the gardens.

Last but not least is a packet of Cauliflower Early Snowball. A heirloom dating back to 1830 with small to medium, solid white heads.


HAZEL said...

What, a little bit of rain isn't going to stop you getting those seeds in is it"

Rosey said...

We just watched a show last night and how ice and refrigeration really changed how our society consumes food.

Stewart said...

Hi Hazel. It's wasn't going too. But it's pouring rain here again so, buggered if I know when I'll get them in. Tomorrow perhaps.

Stewart said...

Hi Rosey. I can only imagine. Can you remember the name of the show? I might be able to find it on the net somewhere.