Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spring storm rain

20 mls. 20 mls of beautiful Spring storm rain here at 'My veggie garden' last night. I can almost hear them (my veggies that is) growing as I walk around my backyard, and the weeds but that's another story.

I expect to see the next crop of beans up by this weekend along with the yellow button squash. The carrots and beetroot will take another week or so. Oh, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the radish up when I go out for a look tomorrow.

I sure the the tomatoes, cabbage and lettuce I've planted will be having a good time too and it'll be great for the corn I plan to plant this weekend.

What can I say? Nothing beats a nice fall of Spring storm rain.

Cheers and all the best for your veggies,


P.S. As I'm sitting here writing this we've (we've as in me and my veggie garden that is) just had another shower pass over. It's all good here.

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Jason Dingley said...

Great photo. I to love the combination of rain and sun during spring. You never know what you are going to get from one day to the next. It's exciting.