Friday, November 11, 2011

Burke's Backyard 'Santorini' tomatoes

the Burke's Backyard 'Santorini' tomatoes that I planted from seed in the video I made on planting tomato seed.

They are about ten weeks old now after planting the seed and are just starting to flower. They seem to be making good growth with just basic tomato care.

I'm a little concerned about blossom end rot here (having had to deal with it before) which can be caused by a deficiency in calcium and or irregular watering so I'm watering before the soil dries out too much and before the plant wilts. I've also added about 500g of gypsum to the soil around the base of each plant to ensure a good supply of calcium.

My only other concern for this tomato or all my tomatoes for that matter is the dreaded fruit fly. Now I've read that this is a type of cherry tomato which I'm hoping will work in my favour because for some reason unbeknownst to me fruit fly don't bother cherry tomatoes.

It has also been very hot here the last few days so the first chance, probably Sunday at this stage, I'll mulch them up with some straw to help save some soil moisture and keep the soil around their roots a little cooler.

Next time I hope to be showing you a huge bountiful harvest of bright red Santorini tomatoes, if everything goes to plan.

Until then cheers


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Rolley said...

haha another tomato man like myself! hope they go well Stewart! Bloody fruit flies... check out my latest post and see what I have to go through to keep not just the fruit flies out but a range of other pests.. bloody exclusion bags left right and centre.. back breaking work bending over and untying bags just to see when tomatoes are ripening etc.. hahaha.

: D