Saturday, November 26, 2011


Here it was on the 30-10-11. It had grown since.
I'm devastated, disillusioned and verging on tears, um, yes, well, that might be a little over dramatic but I will say I am disappointed at the very least.

You see, what happened is, I'd left one of my Bulls Blood Beetroot go to seed with the obvious goal of collecting the seed for future plantings. Now all has been going well, it had (notice the past tense) grown to a height of over two meters and was multi-stemmed as well as being absolutely covered in flowers that would have turned into seed for me to collect.

Now, as I mention the past tense, then you will have gathered that my seed collecting days are over, for now at least. and why might you ask?

Simple really, it got too big for it britches, or root system if you like. Over Wednesday night we had 80mm of rain in which I was rejoicing but it was all to much for the a fore mentioned Bulls Blood Beetroot. With the added weight of all the water covering the plant and the softening of the ground from the rain it just fell over and uprooted itself. So now my Bulls Blood Beetroot is an ex Bulls Blood Beetroot without seed.

Another catastrophic event, sent to test me I'm sure, was when a good friend dropped around a few Amaranthus  plants in exchange for a few I had. All was good. I put them in a safe place, gave them a water and would get around to planting them in the next few days. How wrong was I, the very next morning having my walk around the veggie garden before I went to work and there where my amaranthus reduced to three chewed up stems and not a leaf in sight. Arrrggghhh, I said to myself, the bloody possum likes amaranthus.

And just in case you're wondering about the purple dutch carrot then you'll be glad to know it is fine and you can also bet your life that I going to stake it tomorrow so as to prevent the same fate happening to it.

Barring any further catastrophes it's been all plain sailing so far and I hope it stays that way.

Cheers and good luck to you,



Mick said...

mate i hope you get a better result next time

Mick said...

mate i hope you get a better result next time

Stewart said...

I'm thinking it's going to be quicker and easier to buy a packet of seed. That was 6mts down the drain, so to speak.

Fairy Castle Farm said...

hmmmm, that is horrible. I would have popped the beet in a bucket of water to rehydrate and then back in the dirt ??? They are pretty tough - sorry to hear about the Amaranthus , bummer.... Still all worth it though I think. Take care Yollie the human at FCF :o)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Same thing happened to my purple carrot in all the rain we've had over the last week. Came out this morn and it'd snapped off at the base. Was 5ft tall, flowering and about to set seed.

What with that, and a combination of a few 36 deg days plus a vicious westerly gale, then 5 days of rain, my tomatos have turned into brown sludge and the fruit has all split and exploded. So over it can't even blog right now :(


Rosey said...

I can't believe the same thing happened to me! I was going to save seeds from mine as well and some blasted deer decided it was too tasty to pass up.
Better luck next time!
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Stewart said...

Sort of glad I'm not alone but that's a lot of catastrophes. Oh well, chin up everyone and solider on I suppose.

And Yollie, I tried by planting it back into the soil and giving it heaps of water but I thing it is too advanced to respond.

farmer_liz said...

I've been waiting for months for a broccoli to set seed and came back after a few days holiday to find it covered in lady birds eating the immature seed pods! Don't worry, I squashed them all and I might get a few seeds still.

Stewart said...

Yes, some is better than none farmer liz.

Anonymous said...

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