Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lettuce rejoice.

Working like mad again (I'm self employed. It's the only way I can get a Christmas bonus and a few days off) and I've only managed a few hours in the garden on Sunday afternoon but I still managed to find out something interesting.

You see I've tried getting some lettuce seed up and running but my strike rate has been appalling which it usually isn't.

 As I'm a reasonable seed starterer I began to suspect the seed although they were supposed to be viable and not out of date.

Therefore in order to see if it was me or the seed I went out and bought two varieties of 'fresh' lettuce seed and planted them as I usually do and 'hey presto', wouldn't you know it, within four days I had lettuce seeds germinating and sprouting all over the place.

So if you every find yourself puzzled as to why you are having trouble getting seeds up try some fresh seed first.

Cheers and happy sowing



Missy said...

I've had the same thing happen. Once I couldn't get parsley to come up even though it was a new packet of seed. Bought some from a different sourse and up they came.

farmer_liz said...

yep, had the same thing happen with eggplant seeds this year. Then I decided to just plant all the old seed packets in my cupboard, otherwise you're always wondering if its still any good. Then I ended up with 16 pumpkin to find homes for them now!