Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today's harvest

Today's harvest. I'd already eaten half the carrot. Heaps more coming on too.

The zucchini and yellow button squash have small fruit on them and there's potatoes everywhere, more beans, oh and I ate my first Burke's Backyard 'Santorini' tomato. Boy are they a tasty little tomato. You can also see my very first Yellow Taxi tomato after nearly 18 months of trying. Nearly all the potatoes are self sown so I'm not sure what is under the ground but they have different coloured flowers and the leaves vary from bush to bush.

Plenty of new seedlings have burst through as well. there is, leeks, lettuce, zucchini, squash, more radish, some self sown golden beetroot, water melon, parsley, some pickling onions and some spring onions. Oh the Chinese cabbage and the pak choy are up too. Some fennel seed I planted seems to have failed so I'll need to replant them.

It's hard to imagine but as I'm picking this Summer harvest I'm already working out what and where I'm going to put my winter planting. I've never had great success with Brussels sprouts but I'm going to have another go this year. Eventually I'll find a variety that likes it here. 

Any way I'd better get going, taxi tomorrow and heaps of veggie gardening to do on Tuesday.




farmer_liz said...

wow, I'm really impressed with your carrots, they are my challenge for next season, I've never had any success so far!

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