Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lisbon lemon

This was supposed to be a post which included a beautiful video of me planting my Lisbon lemon tree using my newly purchased GoPro camera.

But as much as I love my veggie garden I also love my daughter who, on my one day a week off, needed help moving house.

So the you beaut video is going to have to wait for another week or until Sunday if I can find a driver for the cab and give myself a day off.

I did manage to get two rows of onion seeds planted though. I planted the seeds thickly so as when they get to a good size I can transplant them into the remaining rows I've prepared.

What else? Oh, that's right, I cut the remaining old growth from the asparagus, covered them with some used coffee grounds and then put them to bed for winter with a thick straw mulch.

A little bit of general maintenance, a lot of watering, it's unseasonally warm for this time of the year, and that's about it for today.

Cheers till next time


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