Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's Freezing

 It's Freezing

 It's around one degree here at the moment and very frosty which has me thinking this might be the end of my 'growing tomatoes in winter,' experiment and after reading a facebook post by Jerry Coleby-Williams saying "Tomatoes stop growing when the ambient temperature drops to 5C or below,"  I think the jig is up.


Being the optimistic little bunny that I can be from time to time I'll persevere and see what happens.




Polly Oz said...

Even if you succeed, you probably won't enjoy the fruit grown sub optimally. I've got a few kg of semi dried cherry tomatoes in the freezer that are a bright little burst of flavour in winter. I do understand the bloodymindedness of doing what doesn't come easily, so best of luck with your plant!

Stewart Dorman said...

Thanks Polly,
I was gambling on a mild winter but as a punter I make a good gardener.