Saturday, June 14, 2014

More on coffee grounds

More on coffee grounds


Three links for you to look at with more info on Used Coffee Grounds (UCG). They're all the same web site but different articles.
First one is called ground to ground.

On their 'About Us' link they state, Welcome to the Ground to Ground website, delivering expert news, views, research, and general information on the reuse of coffee grounds for compost and gardening. This site is the most comprehensive, authoritative place to find information about used coffee grounds, and will also be keeping track of the progress of the Ground to Ground initiative.
Of the tonnes of used coffee grounds that are discarded each day, only a small amount is collected for reuse – an opportunity lost, considering the benefits of this natural resource.
Recycling coffee grounds would have to be one of the easiest ways to make a difference, and for anyone interested in gardening, composting, vermiculture, or just environmental awareness, this site can show you how to get involved for all our benefit.

pH of Soil from Coffee Grounds

 I'd read about how acidic UCG were but it appears the neutralise fairly quickly click link here

Coffee Grounds are Worm Crack!

And finally a post on how much worms like UCG. click link here

As for me I'm still collecting, spreading and adding. So far so good.