Monday, June 9, 2014

My Veggie Garden's 'Witch's Brew.'


My Veggie Garden's 'Witch's Brew.'

A combination of five main ingredients that I blend together to make what I call my witch's brew. I use this everywhere in the garden. Including one part home made compost, one part aged horse manure, one part composted cow and one part chicken manure that I purchase from 'Masters' and one part coffee grounds.
For side dressing and for working into the soil to improve it's condition and basic fertility.

Application Rate

I used five, ten liter ice cream containers in the video, making fifty liters of witch's brew.
So if I'm side dressing plants I'd use two or three handfuls per plant. For soil preparation fifty liters would cover five to six square meters and I'd dig it in well.


Tracey said...

Do you find that you get weeds coming up with using the cow manure? I found I was getting a lot of weeds, so I have made a 'wet' witch's brew. I cut back all the comphrey and added it with dried cow manure to a 60 litre bin, 3/4 full of water. It's been sitting 3 weeks now, so I am going to water it down and add some seaweed solution to it. Hoping it will give the veggies a boost.

Stewart Dorman said...

Yes,always lots of weeds but I find that a good reason to get down and have a good look at the plants while I'm pulling weeds out and the bonus is I get more compost. They're usually pretty quick and easy to pull out. The cow manure is supposed to be composted but the horse manure is full of oat seeds.

Will you use yours as a liquid fertiliser for your plants?

Tracey said...

Hi Stewart. I watered it down and added some seaweed solution to it. It was one of the worst things I have ever smelled. LOL. The gardens loved it, and I have noticed improvement in growth all round. I still have half a bin full, so thought I might put it around the fruit trees when the weather warms up a little. I am not liking these -2 mornings.