Sunday, June 15, 2014

When I'm Feeling Blue

I'm feeling a little blue today. After weeks of fabulous late Autumn weather things have turned cold for us here.
And after a miserable overcast day yesterday that only managed to deliver us a grand total of four mils of rain I've decided to cheer myself up with a heap of photos that I took of the garden last Tuesday.
These were taken at around 11:00 am and the weak, late Autumn sunlight, was simply marvelous for taking photos.

 Spinach is just getting going. Made a nice spinach spaghetti with them the other day.
Two tubs of lettuce is keeping me going.
A Lisbon Lemon tree I planted on Tuesday. I've got a video to edit on planting it and then you'll be hearing a lot more about this
Might be my last strawberry now until the weather warms up again. They are still flowering but I suspect the cold will take care or that for a while. 
Same for my chilli
And tomatoes. This is a late planting of tomatoes in the warmest part of my garden in an effort to see if I can get tomatoes to fruit here during winter in Toowoomba.
More lettuce. Never too much lettuce. What I don't eat the chooks (chickens) will take care of.
Silverbeet going gangbusters 
 as is the garlic.
Peas are powering and I've sown some old purple podded pea seed I found while tidying up and they are sprouting up out of the ground too.
I came out of hospital in early July last year and was greeted with mandies from my tree so I'm looking forward to a big mandy feast very soon.
Broad beans are growing strongly.
 Biggest and best parsley I've ever grown.
This might finally be the end of my Basil too.
Rhubarb's getting ready for winter.
And sage.

I feel better now or at least not so blue.



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