Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lambley Nursery

Lambley Nursery

Has anyone ever bought any seed from Lambley's before?

They have a few varieties I'd like to try but thought I'd check first.


Chris said...

That's a new one I haven't seen before, so I cannot vouch for their seeds.

As a rule, I try to get my seeds from Qld as they adapt to the climate better. I've tried buying seeds from Tasmania before and they bolted to seed really quickly.

Are you aware of Greenharvest? I get stuff from them and always have great results. I can also buy tubers and other things, which I find they are very generous in size, compared to other places I've bought tubers from.

You might just have to try the other nursery in Victoria if you're curious.

Stewart Dorman said...

Interesting comments, yes I'm aware of Greenharvest and have ordered from them before and will again. There is a few varieties in the Lambley catalogue I'm curious about.
I've also ordered a bunch of seeds from Rangeview seeds in Tassie. I'll need to keep an eye on them to see what they get up to.
Thanks for your feedback.