Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gardener/maintenance job

It looks nothing like this. I just like it.
After applying for a Gardener/maintenance job that popped up on my Facebook feed and after getting an initial interview I made a 'short list' and today I completed a requested, volunteer day of work.

I have no idea how it went from their perspective but I enjoyed myself, gave it my best and now I get to wait for their phone call after A talks to B and then A needs to talk to C.

I'm pretty chuffed to just be in this position after the last six or seven years of illness and poor health and considering all that I'm even more pleased with where I am.

The icing on my cake will be if I'm offered the job. 

Let the waiting begin.

And some of the benefits if I do compared to driving a cab.

Sick pay✔️ holiday pay✔️ public holidays✔️ Superanuation✔️ 17 hrs per week less work✔️ and about 10k per annum more. Oh and no more GS f*#king T.

It's win, win, win baby!

Cheers and here's to waiting



Missy said...

I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

Stewart Dorman said...

I got the job. Thanks.