Monday, June 20, 2016


52! what a beautiful number.

52mm of rain.

On top of the 32mm we had two weeks ago. It's adding up to a fantastic June.

And after the first five months of well below average rainfall we now have a month of above average rainfall. I suppose that's how averages work though.

The four rows of Broad Beans I'd planted in the work veggie garden have shot up out of the ground. I'd been worried they wern't going to shoot at all. Nothing a good soaking of rain wont fix.




janice graham said...

It's great to see the broad beans pop up. Glad to say mine have been up for a couple of weeks. Like you we have had quite a bit of rain here in Gippsland.

Stewart Dorman said...

Glad to hear your getting rain too Janice. We're heading into our dry season so it's good to get this rain after two very dry months before our dry season gets here.