Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pumpkin, Buttercup 'Bonbon F1'

Pumpkin, Buttercup 'Bonbon F1'

 Occasionally i get a little adventurous and courious about varieties of seeds I haven't tried before and Buttercup 'Bonbon F1' Pumpkin from Lambley Nursery seed catalogue is one example.

I planted two 125mm pots with two seeds each and as you can see all four germinated. Not unusual for seeds from Lambly.

The second photo shows a vigorous root system just rearing to go and the third photo is of their final growing position. The other two are planted about two meters away.

An All American Selection winner ‘Bonbon’ is a classic looking buttercup pumpkin....Read more

When they're ready I'll let you know how they went and what they taste like.

Also, with our sometimes hot and humid summers, I'm keen to see how they go for mildew which can be a curse for cucurbit growers around these parts.

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