Sunday, February 26, 2017

Interesting chooky facts

I picked up a copy of the current pip, Australian Permaculture (issue #7), magazine and it's chock full of chooky goodness, but, what I found interesting was the Editoral by Robyn Rosenfeldt, full of interesting chooky facts.

facts like
  • The earliest evidence of domestication is believed to date back to 5400BCE in China.
  • Evidence of domestication has also been found dating back thousands of years in Iran, Pakistan, India, Africa, and North and South America.
  • All chickens have descended from the red jungle fowl of South-East Asia.
  • Around 800 BCE ancient Egyptians were artificially incubating eggs and at the same time, Romans were experimenting with dishes such as omelettes and stuffed chickens ans using farming practices to fatten birds for eating.
Chickens were oftenheld in religious esteem where they were worshipped and often they were used as oracles and omens in times of war.

There you go, I'm going to grab a nice cuppa and sit down and read all about chooks plus a myriad of other useful and interesting articles.


Yours in chookyness.

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