Sunday, April 23, 2017

Right tool for the job

For something that, in my mind, was going to be a simple job, slowly turned into much more but I got it in the end.

I'd had these two backhoe/tractor tyres in the veggie garden for some time now after a work friend picked them up and dropped them off for me.

The goal was/is to make a cheap raised bed out of them but I wanted to cut the sidewall out of the tyres first so as to increase the growing area available.

I'd had a few feeble goes at removing the sidewalls with hand tools with no success and ended up walking past them for months hoping for some magical solution to come along and bite me. None did.

A few weeks ago now it all got the better of me and I started adding some serious thinking to getting the sidewalls removed.

Eventually I decided that a reciprocating saw was the answer. Which, as it turns out was the solution I was looking for. The problem was getting the right reciprocating saw for the job.

As you can see in the video I started off with a cordless Ryobi reciprocating saw proving that I had the right tool but sadly the Ryobi burnt out just after where the video finished.

Back to square one

I returned the Ryobi to Bunnings and hit up the local hire company, Master Hire, who supplied me with this little rip snorter from Hitachi.

Carved it up like a hot knife through butter. I'd finished inside of half an hour, job done.

I just need to line the inside of the tyres with a food grade plastic to prevent any nasty chemicals leaching into the bed and possible being taken up through the plants root systems.

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