Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost better, "cuplla days".

Hi all,
Well I'm nearly alive again.
I have managed to do some much needed watering and a little bit of weeding. Still a bit on the week side of things but I am improving each day.
I'm hoping to get some climbing beans planted out before the end of the week plus catch up on some progressive planting of lettuce and butter beans.
I'm also happy to see my Magic Bean mix and my pop/baby corn have sprouted and are making nice growth.
Everything else is doing well despite a week and a half of neglect.
Scotty is still at the machine shop getting his head read. So far the valves are ok but he might need new valve guides. Oh well, there goes the long weekend.


wildside said...

Hope you're feeling upright & up and at 'em soon!

The Old Dairy said...

Glad to hear you are getting better..Reading your post reminded me I havn't planted my corn yet .is it to late???
Look after your self and Scotty of course.

Stewart said...

Hi Mandy,
Down the hill from me you could plant corn right through till the end of feb.
It loves water and a rich soil.
If you haven't grown it before then you wont taste anything better than fresh home grown corn.

Anonymous said...

Good too see you back on deck Stuart, don't go racing around madly in a hurry, have a few easy days at least


Stewart said...

Hi Molly,
Thanks, although I feel better I find myself falling asleep at the drop of a hat so I suppose I still have some time to go before I completely well.