Thursday, October 2, 2008

The fruits of my labour.

The fruits of my labour.
Broad beans
Savoy cabbage
Leeks, which went into a very nice potato and leek soup, thank you very much.
And there's more where that came from.
I'm lovin' this.

More potato hillin'.
No more blood and bone for these guys they are just growing to fast.
I did give them a watering of charlie carp after hilling though.
I don't know if you can pick it up in the photos, but you may notice the spud plants are bigger from front to back.
This has been caused by soil temperature due to the back half of the garden bed being shaded all winter by a garden shed. So as the sun returns to the bed it only warms the earth as its shadow is reduced therefore the difference in growth from front to back.


TheCrone said...

Wow, that all looks fantastic!

Kate said...

Good stuff Stewart and thanks for commenting on my trip. I am having a fabulous time and gardening in France is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Garden goodies look fabulous..WTG!