Monday, October 13, 2008

Seeds, Weeds and Automobiles

I've been pretty quite here over the weekend.
Saturday it rained and drizzled on and off nearly all day making it to wet to do any gardening.

Sunday. Go Ford

My Diggers(hi Cathode) seed order arrived on Friday and I finally go to over to Mums to pick them up. They were at Mums cause we have shared the diggers membership and used her address.
None of these I have grown before so maybe I can unofficially join the growing challange.

1/ Climbing bean The Lazy Housewife.
2/Bean Magic Mix a. Red Kidney Bean b. Flageolet c. Borlotti d. Cherokee e. Yin Yang.
3/Fennel, Florence
4/Bush Bean, Violet Queen
5/Sweet Corn Baby -Poping Corn
6/Cucumber, Lemon
7/Beetroot, Chioggia
Neville (my mums hubby) bought some Tomato seeds home from their honeymoon in Tassie last year and I now have some Tomato 'silver fir' a Russian heirloom bush variety with very attractive grey green, finely divided leaves with flattish red tomatoes early in the season, according to the packet, and tomato 'principe borghese a early, prolific Italian heirloom variety producing apricot, oval, red fruit. Very tasty, when eaten raw but mainly used for drying, to try.
The seeds come from Oyster Cove Plants & Flowers. Now know as SOUTHERN HARVEST ONLINE SEED SALES
I also picked up some scarlet runner bean seeds as well.
So by the end of the season I'm going to be up to my neck in beans.

Well my trusty steed decided to blow a head gasket so gardening has taken a back seat until I get Scotty (that's his name) back on the road.
If i could only work out how to get that chainy thing off the sprockety thing off the cammy thing I'd be right.

Scotty in all his glory.


daisymum7 said...

Good luck with Scotty and the seeds Stewart !!!!


wildside said...

Love seeds, love weeds. Love old cars.

Hmm... If I keep going you'll think I'm in love with everything!

Wouldn't be so bad if it were true!

Yes, good luck with the seeds -- lots o' magic hidden in them just waiting for the show...

Peggy said...

Scotty looks impressive, so too does your collection of seeds! Good luck with them, I wish we were at seed sowing time over here, I love checking every day for the first green leaf to show.

Melinda said...

: ) I think you should officially join The Growing Challenge!! Please consider it. It's a fun group, all learning and growing.... and what have you got to lose?!