Friday, October 24, 2008

New Zealand's Gardening Nun

New Zealand's Gardening Nun

I pinched this from Creating "Wildside" as Home.

She's 86 years old and has some of the greenest fingers in the country. Sister Loyola Galvin looks after the gardens at Wellington's Home of Compassion and has been voted 2008's gardener of the year by readers of New Zealand Gardener

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daisymum7 said...

It never ceases to amaze me about these ladies. The principal of my daughters school was vice principal when I was there - I watch her with the girls and I watch my contemporaries respect for this amazing woman who has devoted her entire life to the church and education and I think what a wonderful mother she would have made. Then I think but then she couldn't have been the inspiration, the confidante or the kick in the pants that the thousands of girls who have been taught by her needed to make them into the amazing women they are today.

Regardless of your spiritual leanings there is something so utterly nuturing about some of these nuns ( and I do mean - some- I have been taught by the Sisters of Mercy, the St Joseph nuns and The Presentation Sisters, and the weird ones whose name I forget - some of whom were just plain mean), and is it any wonder that one of them turned that nuturing to the garden.