Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Almost rainy day blues

There's a fine misty drizzle here today that's supposed to turn into rain later on in the day/sometime/maybe/so they say. So I'm stuck indoors which is good because I've taken an interest in playing my guitar again. I usually pick it up for a few months then get frustrated with my lack of musicality and put it down for a few months. Music makes sense to me in my head but I have trouble getting that to my fingers.

In the meantime Scottys head has finished being worked on and is now back home awaiting me to get up the courage to put it all back to geather again. Humpty Dumpty comes to mind and so does unscrambling eggs.

The first picture shows the cause of the problem.
The gasket on the left is the new one the one on the right is the old. As you can see the one on the right should have a nice shinny strip of metal all around the inside edge of the gasket like the one on the left.
Judging by the extent of the damage it looks like it has been a long term problem but only showed up in the last month.
Anyhow when I do get it all back togeather I'm hoping for a much improved performance.

All shinny and kinda new.

Now where does this bit go again?

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