Friday, January 30, 2009

10 reasons for growing your own Backyard Organic Veggies(BOV). Part 1

10/ Health. I've posted before about the health benefits of BOV here before (see links below), there's not much left to be said. Except wrap your laughing gear around a plate full of BOV.

It's Official: Organic really is better

MEDIA RELEASE Organic Food Benefits

9/ Blogging: Without my BOV I'd have nothing to blog about. Definitely a good reason for growing BOV.

8/ Make friends I could almost include this in #9 but growing BOV is a good icebreaker or conversation stater. It seems there is a lot o people interested in growing their own BOV but aren't sure how to go about it. There's always little tips and tricks to share.

7/ Exercise Goes without saying. If your out there in your BOV garden, digging, weeding, carting, picking, watering, mulching, feeding, composting, etc, etc, it can be hard work, but as long as I can remember I've been told, "Hard work never killed anyone, it's good for you". Also I like beer and as far as I'm concerned beer tastes better after you've done a hard days work.

6/ Variety If you go to the supermarket or even your Fruit and Veg shop you can only have what they want to sell you. If you grow your own BOV the choise is almost endless. Growing from seed you can have all sorts of weird and wonderful varieties, most you'll never hear of in your local supermarket or Fruit and Veg shop.

Tomorrow I countdown from 5 to 1.

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Daphne said...

#8 never worked for me. I start talking about growing veggies and everyone goes in the other direction, but that is with my current friends. Maybe I run with the wrong crowd. It can't be because I'm boring can it? I mean this crowd will listen in fascination if you talk about the best way to sort a data set or user interface design flaws. Though I have noticed in the last year that they are not so adverse to gardening talk and a couple of them have started now vegetable gardens.

Stewart said...

Hi Daphne, It's mainly new friends I'm talking about. Most of my current friends and co workers react the same as yours.
'It can't be because I'm boring can it?' How can anyone who grows their own veggies be boring?
Good to hear about the couple of converts.