Friday, January 23, 2009

Gross Solar Feed In Tariff Petition For Australia

Darren at has a post up (Gross Solar Feed In Tariff Petition For Australia) about the Australian government waffling on the issue of a nationalised renewable energy feed-in tariff for homes.

He continues with, 'Recent announcements seem to indicate that they’ll favour a net tariff, which is very much inferior to the gross feed-in tariff the solar industry is calling for'.

Darren continues to explain, 'A gross feed-in tariff (where the energy-producing household is paid for all the electricity they generate) would create a massive incentive for people to invest in rooftop solar systems and other renewable energy sources (e.g. small-scale wind generators). This is what we need'!

What's he doing about it?
He's posted a link for a online petition, 'If you agree, hop on over and sign the Gross Solar Feed In Tariff Petition For Australia. I have. And so have I now.


naturewitch said...

Thanks for posting this, Stewart. I've also signed up. xx

Darren (Green Change) said...

Awesome, Stewart! The more people that post links to the petition the better. Thanks for signing it! And thanks in advance to your readers as well!

Daphne said...

That's interesting. In the US we do it by state. Each state gets to write the laws on how energy is done. Some states don't even give you anything at all if you put energy back on the grid. In my state we have net metering, so it would be economical fool hardy to put on more than you would use in a year.

Michael Bloch said...

Thanks for your support everyone! There's been a fantastic response so far, with over 3,000 signatures in just the past few days - pretty good going given the long weekend!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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