Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toowoomba area Backyard Veggie growing club

*Edit  17/08/15.   Toowoomba area Backyard Veggie growing club now has a Facebook Group Page. If you are keen to find out more about the  Toowoomba area Backyard Veggie growing club then come on over and Join up

*Edit  06/08/14. It's happening. Inaugural Toowoomba area Backyard Veggie growing club this coming Monday the 11. Click here for full details.

*Edit 10/06/14. This is one of my most often visited posts if anyone is interested will you please get in touch with me, either through the comments or email ('contact me' button in the side bar) and we can see what we can but together? Thanks, Stewart.

Just been floating this idea around in my head for the last few weeks and thought I'd run it up the flagpole.
Anyone in the Toowoomba area interested in forming a Backyard veggie growing club to gtg every 2nd week or once a month focusing on growing veggies, exchanging info and helping others with veggie problems.
This could include sustainable living, preserving food, managing livestock.
Also you could sell buy exchange or give away excess produce.

There could be field day trips, gardening demonstrations etc, etc.
Any feedback welcome.
What do you think?


daisymum7 said...

I am too far away but like I said I have a zillion relatives who are into their vege gardens in toowoomba so I will ask them if you like....I am sure you would get a heap of people interested Stewart. A similiar group has formed here in Samford and there are a heap of members already I still haven't made it to a meeting yet but when I do I will get the organisers name and contact details and you can talk to him about the structure of it if you like.


Stewart said...

Hi dm7, yes to all of that and a big thank-you as well.

greenfumb said...

What I think is that I wish I lived in Toowoomba I would definitely join your club. x Deb

Stewart said...

Hi Deb, I wish you did too, I haven't had any takers yet.
I also posted on Aussies Living Simply website and no takers there as well.
Early days yet I suppose.

Peggy said...

That is a great idea Stewart, don't worry about no takers yet as people usually mull things over first.
Maybe if you actually organiized a gtg and see who turns up?
Best of luck

peter said...

I live in Tbar and think this is a great idea. I am new to the whole gardening thing, but and still trying. My corn is green (picked to early), potatoes are golf balls size and lots more learing mistakes. I would love to learn more, I think there is already a club like this off West street near beach house gym.

Stewart said...

Hi peter, Thanks for your reply, I'll be looking into the club in Goggs street. My idea is more inclusive to all types of gardening styles where, I think, they are mainly organic in approach.
Anyhow I'd better get cracking as there seems to be some good interest.

katie said...

would definately be interested in joining a group

Ruth said...

Hi Pete

Would love to join the group, let me know how you go.

MegMasters said...

Hi Pete
I might be interested in writing a story for The Chronicle if you get your group up and running.
Feel free to let me know at
Good luck with it all!

smallbear said...

G'day Stewart
I'm wondering if your group is happening? I'm busy setting out my vege patch at present,and would love to swap ideas and cuttings/roots etc

Liam said...

Hi all,
I am based in toowoomba and trying to source jerusalem artichokes and peruvian ground apple growing points/tubers. Does anyone want to do a swap for some heirloom seeds of a few different varieties which I currently grow?
i can be contacted at


Wally said...

Hi Stewart
I'm about to moved to Toowoomba and love growing veggies
Are you 'up and running' with a group yet?
Please let me know and I will follow up once we get settled

riki jorden said...

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chris vogas said...

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Bridget said...

I would love to join your Backyard Vegie group. I have only moved into town last August and still getting to know what grows well here.