Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Watch this space #1

From this

to this

to this

to this

to this

to this.

What's he up to now, I hear you ask.

All will be reveled, as soon as they poke their little heads above the soil.

Hope you have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Using crop rotation - my guess is Pumpkins or curcubits of some sort. Digging my pink eyes in the next day or so.

Cabbage Heart said...

Mmm my guess was pumpkins too cosmic or cues.

greenfumb said...

They look great, well done. I am going to open my cages in the next few days and see if there's anything in there, fingers crossed. Deb

Peggy said...

We are only putting in early potatoes this year as the main crop to be lifted in Sept takes up too much space for too long for very little return, and the added worry of potato blight. Do you have potatoe blight down there?

naturewitch said...

Mmmmmm pink eyes!

My guess is sweet corn for the next crop. xx

Stewart said...

Hi Peggy, Yes, at least I think we do, I know seed potatoes are recommend against various things. You can't be to careful I suppose.

Hi Cosmic and C.H. I have the advantage of knowing what I will be planting after this crop so it will be different to curcubits. But good guess.

naturewitch, close

Greenfumb, do we get a photgraphic report on your caged potatoes? And how did you go with the scarlet runner beans?

roy said...

Nice plate of spuds would go down real good

Stewart said...

Hi Roy, I'll bring them right over, but that would be like coals to Newcastle.

roy said...

Aye, we do like our red roosters!