Sunday, April 5, 2009


I installed the rain gauge I bought yesterday on the strength of the weather forecast for rain.

A good move on my part cos when I checked the gauge this morning it had measured 36 mls of rain which most fell in about one hour in a storm we had in the afternoon.

In my previous post I mentioned the discrepancy between the BoM official weather station and where I live (roughly 6/7 ks away from each other in a easterly direction).

Yesterdays rainfall was a good example of that when I measured 36mls and official rainfall for Toowoomba was 0.8 mls.


daisymum7 said...

Yeah Stewart i know what you mean we live in a very high rainfall area so we ahve two rain gauges and we take the average of the two and enter that into a spread sheet been doing that for years so far this year we have had almost the total rainfall for 2006 and 2007!!


PS; any sign of your garlic yet?? Mine are all quiet no shoots. What a hoot two of my commenters want me to post on how i get seeds to germinate - ahve referred them to you!!LOL

Stewart said...

Hi Daisymum, Just been out for a walk and notices half a doz or so had poked their heads through, so I'm guessing the rest should be up by weeks end.

Thanks for the referring.
That 36mls is on top of 24 we had bbut that was the best ran I've had for two months here, but tank is again full and the ground is nice and wet.
Paradise once again.

Anonymous said...

Stewart now I will be able to check here for the rainfall when the bom site is not working... ;-) Your gardens are looking great!