Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guess where I've been.

Shopping, the only way a man can, at the local Hardware (is there any other way?)

The right boot of my poor four year old Blunnies has a hole in it and is letting in the water (not a nice experience) and the local Mitre 10 Hardware store is having a sale on my
treasured Blundstone boots (bury me with them if you can), "the best boots going around", so it was time to upgrade.

Read all about Blundstone Boots here

Also while I was there I decided to pick up myself a rain gauge, which, I've been promising myself for ages now.

In Toowoomba the discrepancy in rain fall from my side of town to the official BoM rain gauge can be any thing from zero to 50mls.

Also with the promise of good rainfall tomorrow (do we ever give up hope the weather man will get it right?) it seemed like the right time to make the purchase.

So there you have, me shopping.

I'm now off to feed the chooks and inspect the garden (cabbage moth squishing time) and christen the new Blunnies.



Daphne said...

I need one of those rain gauges in my garden. I usually figure out how much rain we get by some container carelessly left out in the garden.

tina said...

I do hope for some rain for you all. Rain gauges are very very handy in the garden.