Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is orange the new Yellow?

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Is orange the new Yellow?

I'd like to think I'm a man of simple tastes.
So it was 12 months ago that I decided I wanted a yellow Hibiscus. Nothing fancy, just a hibiscus with a simple yellow flower like the one on the label below.
After 12 months of waiting, fertilizing, watering, mulching, etc, etc, what do I get?
A bright burnt Orange bloody monstrosity.

How hard is it these days to get a simple yellow flowering Hibiscus?

On a brighter note the Lettuce 'drunken woman' and 'Red leprechaun', from the 'A lovely surprise' post, planted last Sunday came up after just four days.

The photo here is taken seven days after planting.

I love Camellias as well and this one is flowering particularly well at the moment.

That's it for Sunday, catch you next time.
Cheers and happy gardening


Jacqui said...

If that aint orange, I don't know what is!

Just reading your post on the aphids - our girls can be like that too! I find them good grubs and they often look at me like "you want me to eat that? I don't think so". Too well fed Stewart - we've got them on easy street.

Sounds like it's time to put your ladybirds to work. Good luck!

The Old Dairy said...

Hey Stewart,
Was just googling Tmba gardening clubs and came across your post from Jan 22 I think it was.I was still away and didn't see it....Have you had any response to your idea? I think it is a great idea so you can count me in if you deceide to go ahead with it.....

Silvia said...

Stewart, it is a very beautiful flower, although is orange!

Kelly the City Mouse said...

Ayup, that's orange! What a bummer :( But your camellias are fantastic!

tina said...

That orange hibiscus is beautiful! Maybe it was just mislabled. This happens all the time.

The Mrs said...

Hi Stewart, I bought 2 Mrs George Washingtons which are suppose to be white with yellow centre, they have bloomed a very deep maroon with pink centre. Couldn't get any more wrong than that!


Stewart said...

Hi Jacqui, I know the look.

Hi Mandy, I've sent you an email.

Hi Silvia, Beautiful it is, I'll probably keep it and have another go at a yellow flower. This time I'll buy one that has a flower on it and then I'll know It's Yellow.

Hi Kelly, Yep definitely not yellow, thanks for the wrap on the Camellia.

Hi Tina, I should follow my own advice and only buy plants that are in flower.

Hi Teena. I'll say. At least mine was in the same colour range.
The Mrs George Washingtons sound like a nice Hibiscus though.