Friday, May 1, 2009

Drunken women

I was working out what to do with all the Drunken women (lettuce) I had around the place, due to my over zealous seed planting, and also lamenting about the lack of garden space I have left.
It was then I had a brainwave and decided to put the excess drunken women into pots, I then went on to have a brain explosion and thought I could make a little experiment using potting mix and different organic soil enrichment substances (fertiliser) I have around the place.

I now have nine 140mm pots with drunken women (lettuce) planted in them.

The first two pots are straight, so called, premium potting mix.

The second two pots are the potting mix with a half a hand full of rooster booster fertiliser added to each one.

The third two are the potting mix with two hand fulls of cow manure added to each.

The fourth two pots are half and half compost and potting mix.

And the last one is a hand full of each.

I'll keep you posted on their progress and see which ones perform the best.

Cheers and happy veggie gardening.


Rosey Pollen said...

Homegrown lettce tastes so yummy compared to store stuff. Love how you ended with Cheers. Funny. Thanks for all the great info.

Jacqui said...

My uncle lives in Lismore and his lettuces have gone completely wild - they even grow up in the cracks in the asphalt in his driveway! You've got a cracker of a garden growing up there Stewart - my inlaws grow the ja's and we've gotten quite creative with cooking them. Got a nice recipe for a dip if you want me to email it to you chooksrus4 at gmail dot com

Kel said...

as a scientist i say 'go stewart'. brilliant idea.

Stewart said...

Hi Rosey Pollen, I'm with you on the home grown front, yum o everything.
PS good to hear from you and I like your blog too.

Hi Jacgui, I'm sure if I could get half the rain Lismore gets I'd have lettuce growing everywhere too.
Thanks also for the wrap on my garden, I feel all warm and fuzzy when I hear that. I'll also send an email and get that recipe for the ja dip as well.

Hi Kel, thanks, now that I've started I'm really kean to see the results.

greenfumb said...

You're in the wrong job Stewart, you should be a scientist. Hope you get some interesting results.

I am experimenting a bit too - with Moon Planting - trying to work out whether garlic is a root or leaf crop.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the results with this one.
Are you taking bets on what will do best? If you arem I am putting my name beside the 1/2 and 1/2. And that the premium one will be the worst.

Stewart said...

Hi Emily, I've got my money on the last one with a bit of everything in it. And I agree with you on which will be worst.

Stewart said...

Hi greenfumb, that sounds a bit like the chicken and the egg question, good luck with that one.
I'd say it's a leaf plant but a root crop.