Friday, May 1, 2009

Five from Eight

Sorry in advance, but round these parts there is only one kind of footy and that's Rugby League.
Just for the fun of t I thought I'd post my picks for the week and see how I go.
Your welcome to join in through comments or bag the crap out of me for supporting NRL, as long as it's all in good fun.

May 1-3

Bulldogs v Wests Tigers ........... Tough this one, so close. Tigers
Dragons v Warriors ................ Dragons
Eels v Cowboys .................... Cowboys
Knights v Broncos ................. Broncos
Raiders v Panthers ................ Raiders at home I hope
Sea Eagles v Storm ................ Storm with their new half-back
Sharks v Roosters ................. Roosters
Titans v Rabbitohs ................ Titans, back to full strength.

I'm back to five from eight but I managed to hold my position at 1550.
With some luck I can climb a little higher this week. Only time will tell.
Good luck with your tips and I hope your team wins as long as it's not against mine :)

I'm currently ranked 1550 out of 3232 tippers on the ABC Grandstand AFL & NRL Footy Tipping

Wk. one 135 out of 2211
Wk. two
220 out of 2531
Wk. three
893 out of 2945
Wk. four 1970 out of 3113
Wk. five 2016 out of 3179
Wk. six 1594 out of 3216
Wk. seven 1550 out of 3232


Susan said...

I was 6 from 8 last week because I got a point for the draw. Do you get that in your comp? I've picked the Dogs, Panthers & Sharks this week but others the same as you. Origin is coming Stewart - go the mighty Toads hey? *snicker*

Jackie said...

On the ABC tipping Im ranked 1746 out of 3232, not good but I did manage to get 7 last week. On the footy tips .com site Im ranked 9056 out of 101267 lol Not off to a good start this week I got nothing last night lol.

Stewart said...

Hi Susan, I'd forgotten about the draw and had to go back and have a look but, yes I got a point for that one.
And so you think your mighty toads can do it this year?
I'm beginning to think some of our blokes are getting a bit long in the tooth.

Hi Jackie,7 last week, I might have to start following your tips, though I did get one from two on Friday and I got two and missed two on Saturday. I think I'll have to give up on the Raiders though.