Friday, May 8, 2009

Lunch is served.

Baked pasta with fetta and pumpkin

I've been getting around to making this for a while now and finally succeeded today.

It could easily drop 100g of pasta and pick up 100g of pumpkin and maybe some extra fetta wouldn't hurt either, but as it is it was very yummy.

A great way to use up some extra pumpkins.
Three thumbs up

I'm going down to the Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens this afternoon to start digging up my patch so the extra carbs should come in handy.

Have a nice day and happy veggie gardening, cheers,


Deb Halls said...

Dammit. I wish you'd stop teasing me like this!

Stewart said...

There's still some left

Lucky-1 said...

Oh how cruel are you?????? My dinner is cooking and I am starving......come to see what your up to and look what you shove in my face......LOL

Looks yummo:D

Deb Halls said...

Will there be any left on Sunday?

Stewart said...

It's possible.