Monday, May 25, 2009

Magic Monday

Hi all, well after two weeks of sinus problems and 97mls of rain I made it down to the Toowoomba community organic gardens today.

The main job I wanted to complete was to plant the broad bean seeds that I collected from last years crop to use for a green manure crop.

Job done.

The peas I planted a few weeks ago have come up and are well on their way so the next job will be to provide them some support.

Even though they are a bush pea they still grow up to one meter high and will need supporting.

Next when I got home was some new laying boxes for the chook a books.

They are about 6/7 months old so they should start laying soon, but I'm guessing they might not start until the day length starts to get longer.

The Rolls Royce of laying boxes or am I just kidding myself.

My dear wife has been getting frustrated waiting for my chooks to start laying eggs and went out to the local produce store and got herself two point of lay chooks.

So now it's a race to see who lays eggs first.

That's it for Monday,
Cheers and happy gardening,


catmint said...

I hope your chooks realize they are lucky in their palatial accomodation. I hope you haven't been affected by the terrible flooding.

Rosey Pollen said...

glad you are feeling better, I think we should place some bets on those chooks. :)

Stewart said...

Hi catmint, flooding is not a problem here, we live on top of the Great Dividing Range so all the rain goes down the hills.

Hi Rosey, I think I'd have to go against my own chooks atm, they look to fast and lazy.