Friday, May 15, 2009

Purple Podded Pea Eater

Purple podded peas, trellised, composted, mulched and rearing to go.

You can also see a one row of the six rows of white Italian garlic I have planted and needs mulching as soon as I get well enough.

I'll probably get shot for this, but every time I say purple podded peas to myself I keep thinking of the Purple People Eater, but in my head I sing Purple pea eater.

Go figure, have I got to much time on my hands or an empty head with lots of free space for strange thinking?


JGH said...

Sheb looks remarkably composed for having seen such a strange being. Looking forward to seeing yours!

Rosey Pollen said...

Dang it! Now I will have that song stuck in my brain all day! LOL!

greenfumb said...

You're not alone - my kids had a book when they were babies called Oh Dear and the last line was "two eggs for your breakfast" I say that to myself every single time I go to the chook house - bonkers or what!

Stewart said...

Hi greenfumb, oh good I'm so glad I'm not alone.

Rosey, It could be worse, I've had Phil Collins song "She's an easy lover", stuck in my head for about a week now. It's driving me insane. To start with I didn't like it when it came out and I damn sure I don't like it now.

JGH thanks, they are doing well atm so I'm hoping for a good harvest to show off :)

Deb Halls said...

I refuse to click the play button.

Stewart said...

Go on you know you want to.