Thursday, May 7, 2009

Toowoomba Gardenfest or Famine

I really shouldn't go to these things. I usually come away feeling disappointed and so I was again.
I think there is so much more that can be done in regards to gardening and or the teaching of gardening but, I find this no more than an exercise in selling merchandise.
10 minutes walking around some of the local nurseries and you'd have the same experience.

I was hopeful some of the Organic seed companies like Green Harvest or Eden Seeds would've been present, but then that's probably setting my sights to high.

On the veggie front itself I found no more than a few punnets of seedlings and a few fruit trees in pots, boring!

About the only thing I found interesting.

A plant nursery

A plant nursery

A native plant nursery

A lawn rejuvenatory bloke

One (1) raised garden bed for growing veggies, wasn't game to ask the price.

My mum and Neville. Mum was like a kid in a candy shop, but she likes plants of which there was heaps of.

Pots, I can go anywhere and see this, why do I pay six dollars for the privilege?

Two thumbs down.


Deb Halls said...

Nice pic of Mum & Nev.
What about the talks? Did you learn anything from them? What do you want to see at things like this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Stewart, yep I had the same experience- the GA expo is even worse for mechandise.

I found the talks great, I had to keep an open mind that I knew most of the info given, but they were still interesting to listen to.

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