Monday, June 29, 2009

My heads hurting.

Ok, whose bright idea was it for me to go to Uni after leaving school in grade 11, 30 years ago.

Oh, ok, mine you say.


I'm half way through a Tertiary Preparation Program English test and my head already hurts.

This is just to get me started, what's the real thing going to be like?

It's ok Stewart, just breath deeply, it'll be alright.

Hopefully some veggie news coming your way on Wednesday after I've finished hurting my head.

I'd better finish off the second half of this test so I can start the maths one. Yippee!

Stewart loves tests, not. Stewart loves tests, not. Stewart loves tests, not.

Anyone good at algebra?



Deb Halls said...

It gets easier, if that's any consolation. You're just a bit rusty after 30 years.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

What are you going to study? Will be interested to hear how you go.
I avoided learning algebra when I was at school (30 odd years ago)

Stewart said...

Hi Pip, Bachelor of Science Psychology major.
Scary as hell, I'll tell you.

greenfumb said...

You'll be fine, it does get easier, although I didn't do algebra! I trained to be a teacher when I was almost 40 - it was great and all us oldies got the best marks.

greenfumb said...

PS Good luck with your tests:-)

Stewart said...

Thanks greenfumb,, while there is nothing riding on my succeeding i guess I'm afraid of making a goose of myself.
I feel a bit like a fish out of water, but like you I hope it gets easier.

Kel said...

onya stew, as greenfumb says, 'oldies' get the best grades.Its true, as a teacher at uni, i *love* older students. Interested, keen, dont giggle in class(usually) we love yew! so hang on, the brain ache will, well, lets just say you'll get used to it! whatcha wanna study?

Stewart said...

Hi Kel, thanks for the kind words, I'm going for a Bachelor of Science Psychology major and if I get into the groove I'd like to do some journalism.