Monday, December 21, 2009

Feeling Christmas kinda lazy

Feeling Christmas kinda lazy. We have had 18 mls of rain so I've been given the day off from watering.

I mixed up a new brew of compost and put down new straw for the chooks and planted heaps of seeds in punnets, including some cabbage 'Savoy', Tomatoes, 'Mortgage Lifter', 'Reisentraube' and 'Yellow Perfection' a British heirloom, small, slicing tomato from Green Harvest, lemon cucumber, lettuce, 'Great Lakes', 'Drunken Woman' and red cos, Onion, 'Mini Purplette' and Silverbeet ' Vulcan Red'.

Just in case you're not in the Chrissy mood I've also included a few songs to help get you in the Chrissy mood.

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